Calgary / Airdrie based writing, photography and videography.

Tim Lowing

A Driven Life.

Need a public speaker?  Product launch? Corporate roll out? Emcee? From motivational to inspirational public speaking or to drive a direct message have Tim Lowing speak for your audience today.   

Why hire Tim?  

Tim Lowing was born in Winnipeg and now has roots firmly planted in Airdrie and Calgary Alberta region. A success story of a challenging upbringing he was proudly raised by his incredible mother. Tim's life has been anything but handed to him and entered adulthood facing giant obstacles without our modern support systems. When you think diverse speaker, think Tim Lowing.


With an extensive live performance resume Tim Lowing embarked into adulthood as one of the countries youngest comedic performers; back when you could still smoke in a venue, Tim was wowing crowds with his mature approach to all things. Essentially, no one could have imagined that young Lowing was in fact, too young to be present! By 18 Tim was touring western Canada and by 23 Tim was a nationally touring headliner who had been invited to Just for Laughs twice. Utilizing multimedia throughout his career Tim can also add some media flare to your marketing plan with a budget conscious approach. He is far more than just a great public speaker, he learned early in his career how to handle a camera making him a capable with photography and videography! 


Before long Tim recognized his skill-set was extraordinarily diverse and set out to return to Winnipeg from a six year stay in Vancouver and nearly a decade touring Canada's comedy scene to focus his heart and soul into his natural gift of metalworking. Today and aerospace trained red seal machinist Tim Lowing has beaten all the odds and has a story to share that will encompass whatever details your specific audience requires.    

Invite Tim Today.  

Public speaking, videography and other milestones.

Tim Lowing has built a foundation of life achievement through a goal orientated approach that begins and ends with his dedication to videography, photography and public speaking. 

  • Invited to Just for Laughs 1999 by utilizing advanced multimedia for the time in CDROM technology; during that period almost all performers simply sent VHS. Tim Lowing caught the eye of talent coordinators with his unique approach in that era. 
  • Before youtube Tim Lowing owned and operated both and where he streamed Quick Time video of his stand up performances. Pre 2001.
  • Professionally trained aerospace machinist holding red seal in machinist trade.
  • Continued education with line of sight to Blue Seal certification covering business in trades and more. 
  • Currently engaged in University, previous trade school education through Red River College. 
  • Mental health advocate. Tim's story encompasses his journey from the shock and aftershock of suicide in a family; from what it's like to be "that" family in the neighborhood to what it takes to achieve success when coming from a place of lost hope.
  • Ran for a seat on Airdrie City Council in the 2017 municipal election earning 1773 votes. 

You cannot lead anyone else further than you've gone yourself - Gene Mauch. 

Education and Training

  • Cell Lead / Team Lead
  • Technical Training Instructor
  • Red Seal Machinist
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Writer
  • Public Speaker

Student History: 

  • Athabasca University 
  • Red River College